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McDVoice is the Small feedback Survey that McDonald’s is using to know about customers’ most recent dining experience. There are various advantages and benefits of the McDonald’s Survey, Firstly it can help focus McDonald’s Staff on the benefits of meeting and surpassing customer expectations.

Secondly, if Customer feedback is negative, it will warn the company of potential issues that can affect future profits. The final Goal of the McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey is to collect Actionable Customer Feedback that the Company can use to improve the overall customer experience.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is helpful for every Customer to measure the Customer’s Approval or Disapproval of the company’s products and customer service.

McDonald’s Survey Page is provided on to know how their customers like or Dislike their Services.

The Term behind the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is the Service Management Group. Portal was created to gauge the Approval or Disapproval of the Brand’s Service and Products among Customers.

Most people wonder how to take an Initial Step to provide either satisfactory or unsatisfactory feedback to share their experience at McDonald’s.

So this is the Survey Post, where we’ve contrived an easy and consummate quick elaboration about How to Participate in McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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About McDonald’s and Its History

McDonald’s is a Fast Food Company that was founded in 1940 as a Restaurant Operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.

McDonald’s is the world’s Largest Restaurant chain by Revenue which Serves over 69 Million Customers Daily in over 100 Countries Across approximately 36,900 outlets.

Although McDonald’s is also known for its Hamburgers apart from that they also sell cheeseburgers, French Fries, Breakfast Items, Chicken Products, Milkshakes, Wraps, Desserts, And Soft Drinks.

In Response to changing Consumer Tastes And the Negative backlash because of the unhealthiness of its food, recently the company has also added Fish, Smoothies, Salads, And Fruit to its menu.

The McDonald’s Corporation’s revenues come from the Rent, Royalties, and Fees paid by the Franchisees along with its sales in Company-Operated Restaurants.

According to McDonald’s officials, most of the McDonald’s restaurants open at 5.00 a.m., but McDonald’s Hours may vary depending upon Location to Location.

According to a recent report, McDonald’s is the world’s Second Largest Private Employer (After Walmart has 1.9 million employees), 1.5 million of whom work for the Franchise.

What Is the McDVoice Survey? 

Everybody else needs to understand the McDVoice Survey and if you’ve dined at McDonald’s recently, make sure you complete McDonald’s Survey at

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey is a series of questions that are designed to tell the McDonald’s company about Customer Experience inside their restaurants.

You need to share your experience by answering a series of Questions about your Experience at your Local McDonald’s Restaurants.

These McDonald’s Customer feedback questions range in variety from queries about cleanliness to those about the quality of the food.

You will also be given the opportunity within the McDVoice Survey to leave your own comments, voicing any praise or criticisms that you may have about your visit.

These questions and comments are essential to the growth of McDonald’s as the world’s favorite food chain, as they provide insight into what the company is doing right, as well as where it needs to improve.

Through completion of the McDVoice Survey, you’re doing your part to make McDonald’s a better Restaurant.

Why McdVoice Survey?

Mcdonald’s is always curious to know Customer Feedback on Restaurant cleanliness, Employee Behaviour, Food Quality, and Opinions on their Menu Items. As a Customer, You can easily fill out and submit the McdVoice customer satisfaction survey through the Promise of Free Coupons.

You can just visit the official McdVoic portal at and Provide your honest opinions about your last visit to McDonald’s. Mcdvoice Survey has been a great help for McDonald’s to ensure that the next visit of the customers at McDonald’s is much more pleasant.

What Is McdVoice?

McDonald’s always strives to Ensure the Guest Satisfaction Survey and tries to keep the Standards at the High Level. With the McdVoice Survey, the Customer Satisfaction Portal the Company is trying to get real feedback and opinions and reward their Customers after Finishing the Complete McdVoice Guest Satisfaction Survey.

By visiting the Official website customers need to Provide their Feedback and Comments on their Last Visit to the Restaurant and Receive a Reward For the Same.

McDonald’s is the Largest Food Chain Restaurant Chain in the World Mainly in the United States of America. The Company does a lot for the Customer and their Feedback on Feed and Services.

With this Main Purpose McdVoice, a Customer Satisfaction Survey is Created through which the Users are able to receive Discounts and Free Burgers For the Next Visit. The Basic Principles Provide that any Particular User can not take more than Five Surveys in a Month. also, the Age of the Candidate Must be at least 15 Years.

McDVoice Survey

If you are a Customer of McDonald’s Company then it’s a golden chance to enjoy the delicious foods on the McDonald’s premises by just Answering some questions on the McDVoice Survey.

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the most commendable efforts by McDonald’s Company to Communicate with the Clients directly analyze their Services and Modify them if needed.

McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey on takes a few minutes and in Turn Rewards you with the utmost Delicious meals and burgers without Paying the Single Penny.

When You take part in the Mcdvoice Survey Customers are rewarded with Coupons and Cashback at the same time, by doing it You are also helping the Company to Improve its overall Services. McDVOICE Survey is the Guest Satisfaction Survey conducted by McDonald’s Company. Web Portal allows its Customers to Give Feedback on the Meals and Services they got on their Last Visit to the Stores. McDonald’s is incredibly Famous for its burgers, fries, and the advanced invention of Fast Food Concepts. Thousands of Stores are Providing great quality Foods and Services every day.

What Are The Rules Of McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Here below are some of the Mcdvoice Participation Rules:

  • You’ll need a recent McDonald’s receipt to be eligible for the survey.
  • You have to be 13 years or older of age.
  • Access to a Laptop, PC, Mobile, or Tablet is essential as the survey is only available on the web at
  • You need to be able to understand The basic English/Spanish Languages.

If your latest purchase wasn’t more than a week ago, you’re open to the MCDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey. You’ll need to Give all the answers to each and every McDvoice Survey Question at the McDonald’s Survey Website.

Take note that the survey isn’t open to sponsors and subsidiaries.

  • There’s a limitation of one offer per individual per visit.
  • Within one month, five surveys could be taken.
  • Selling, transferring, and transmitting are banned.
  • Write the Coupon code on the back of your receipt and present it the next time you visit McDonald’s.
  • The Coupon code is valid for Thirty days so make sure to make use of it at that time.

What Information Do You Need To Enter To complete the Survey?

To complete the McDVoice Survey at You need To Enter the following information from your Receipt:

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey At

  1. Store Number
  2. KS Number
  3. Date of Visit
  4. Time of Visit
  5. Order
  6. Amount Spent
  7. Verify that you are over 13 years of age
  8. Click Start
  9. Answer the questions completely and honestly to receive your validation code.

How Much Time Required to Complete the Survey?-

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is conducted only for a few minutes. It will not take any longer time for the customers. McDVoice Survey consists of some simple questions that can be answered in a few minutes. McDVoice Site Is For?

  • Customer satisfaction criteria.
  • Coordination of staff.
  • Service.
  • Food Quality.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Ease of Placing Order.
  • Primary reasons for Visit.
  • Redemption Code.

How To Participate In McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

McDonald’s Survey is one of the best ways to get Free Fast Food from McDonald’s by using the McDonald Survey. If you want to accomplish the McDonald Survey then you need to follow some simple steps which I am Going to provide here in this post.

Also, you’ll get the Complete Information and guide about How to Attempt the McDonald’s Survey and How to complete The McDVoice Survey.

All you need to read are the complete steps below. If you follow the complete Guide Step by Step then you can easily win McDonald’s Prize and Coupon. So Read the Below Steps and Follow them.

McDVoice Survey : How To Take McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey At

  1. Carry the receipt of your food purchase whenever you visit the restaurant outlet. Without a receipt, you can not access their McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey as they want the Receipt Number as your proof.
  2. Enter McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey site at
  3. Choose your preferred language.
  4. To begin the survey, enter the following information from your McDonald’s receipt: store number, KS number, date of visit, time of visit, order, and amount spent.
  5. Think about your most recent visit to McDonald’s and answer all survey questions based on your experience that day.
  6. Answer all questions candidly.
  7. Enter the 26-digit survey code located on your receipt. You can only access it further when you provide this 26-digit code. Have a look at the picture below carefully and understand.
  8. When you get in, you will be asked very easy and simple questions based on your experience at their restaurant outlet. You just have to be honest and answer simple questions. You could be questioned related to their food products, price, quick service, order placing reliability, staff and workers coordination, Cleanliness at the restaurant outlets, and overall experience. The questions can be like this.
  9. When you will start looking at these simple questions just answer them honestly.
  10. When you will complete the survey, you will receive a unique code like this.
  11. This will be your unique code. You need to carry that unique code very carefully. Take a look at the picture below for the MCDVOICE Unique Code.
  12. When you get your unique code, write down that unique code on the other side of your restaurant visit receipt.
  13. Now whenever you visit the restaurant again, show the unique code and you will free food as a reward for your next purchase. Go and get your free food now.

McDonald Survey Prize & Rewards at

As your supposition, proposal, and input mean a considerable measure to McDonald’s, they’re giving you Free Sustenance and Substantially more prizes as a reward.

You can get Free Sandwiches, one Free Quarter pound with Cheddar or Egg McMuffin, a Special McDonald’s Supper, or some other Sustenance.

The additionally offers a Guard Prize to win a $25 coupon or Blessings Voucher day by day. Likewise, give an opportunity to win $100 money Rewards.

McDonald Survey Customer Services Number-

If you’ve any Problems or questions related to The McDonald’s Survey then you can Easily Contact the McDonald’s Customer Support Team at the below number. But one of the things is there you have to talk with McDonald in English Language and Spanish.

McDonald’s Customer Care Number (Toll-Free): 1-800-244-6227

If you have trouble locating the survey code on your receipt, there is an illustration on the survey page and also you can contact them by Phone.

Also, McDonald’s gives you a variety of ways to contact them if you have issues with the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

How to Use Redemption Code for MCDVOICE Survey?-

The validation code you receive after completion of a survey for a special offer is valid for up to the next 30 days. McDonald’s triggers out all negative assessments of its customers & utterly consummates users’ articulations for valuable considerations of profit and loss, which it has experienced in the past course of years.

McDonald Contact Details-

MCDVOICE UK Contact Details:

  • McDonald Galashiels: +44 1896 754450 ( Open until 12:00 am )
  • McDonald Boston: +44 1205 361307 ( Open 24 Hours )
  • McDonald Edinburgh: +44 131 226 3872 ( Open 24 Hours )

MCDVOICE USA Contact Details:

  • McDonald Avon: +1 317-272-6926 ( Open until 12:00 am )
  • McDonald Pinellas Park, FL: +1 727-576-6772 ( Open 24 Hours )
  • McDonald Waveland, MS: +1 228-467-1294 ( Open 24 Hours )

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the McDVoice Survey?

The McDVoice survey is a customer satisfaction survey created by McDonald’s. This survey is an opportunity for customers to share their thoughts about their experiences at McDonald’s. The survey consists of questions related to the customer’s recent visit to the restaurant, the food quality, staff behavior, and other aspects of the restaurant.

2. Why is the McDVoice Survey important?

The McDVoice survey is important to McDonald’s because it allows the company to understand the needs and preferences of its customers. By collecting feedback from customers, McDonald’s can identify areas for improvement and provide better services to their customers. Additionally, the survey helps McDonald’s to evaluate the performance of their staff and make changes as necessary.

3. How Can You Participate in the McDVoice Survey?

You can participate in the McDVoice survey by visiting the official website at The survey is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

4. What are the requirements to participate in the McDVoice survey?

To participate in the McDVoice survey, you must have a recent McDonald’s receipt with a survey invitation. You also need access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

5. How to complete the McDVoice survey?

To complete the McDVoice survey, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the survey code printed on your receipt and click on “Start”.
  3. Answer all the questions honestly and provide your feedback.
  4. Once you complete the survey, you will receive a validation code to redeem your reward.

6. What are the rewards for completing the McDVoice survey?

McDonald’s rewards customers who complete the McDVoice survey with a validation code that can be used to redeem a free food item or a discount on their next purchase.

7. How to redeem the McDVoice survey reward?

In order to redeem the McDVoice survey reward, write down the validation code on your receipt and bring it to the McDonald’s restaurant on your next visit. You can redeem the reward for a free food item or a discount on your purchase.

8. How often can you take the McDVoice survey?

You can take the McDVoice survey as many times as you want, but you can only redeem one reward per visit.

9. How to contact McDonald’s customer service?

If you have any questions or concerns about the McDVoice survey or your experience at McDonald’s, you can contact McDonald’s customer service. The contact information is available on the McDonald’s website. You can also ask for assistance at the restaurant during your visit.

10. What are some common issues with the McDVoice survey?

Some common issues with the McDVoice survey include technical difficulties, difficulty in understanding the survey questions, and incomplete surveys. If you face any issues while taking the survey, you can contact McDonald’s customer service for assistance.

11. What are some tips for completing the McDVoice survey?

Here are some tips for completing the McDVoice survey:

  • Read the questions carefully before answering.
  • Provide honest and detailed feedback.
  • Take your time to complete the survey.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Save your validation code to redeem your reward.

12. Why does McDonald’s want your feedback?

McDonald’s wants your feedback to improve its services and provide a better experience to its customers. Your feedback helps McDonald’s identify areas for improvement and make changes accordingly.

13. How does McDonald’s use the feedback from the McDVoice survey?

McDonald’s uses the feedback from the McDVoice survey to evaluate the performance of their staff, identify areas for improvement, and make changes to their services. The feedback is also used to develop new menu items and promotions.

14. How does the McDVoice survey help McDonald’s improve their services?

The McDVoice survey helps McDonald’s improve their services by identifying areas for improvement and evaluating the performance of their staff. The feedback is used to make changes to the restaurant’s operations and provide a better experience to its customers.

Final Verdict

The success of McDonald’s lies in its good relationship with its customers. By conducting such customer satisfaction surveys, McDonald’s will become a more prosperous and profitable corporation. We hope you enjoyed your visit to McDonald’s Customer Survey & Feedback and would love to hear from you about your experiences below in our discussion!